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Accepted File Formate

Color Mode

Resolution should be set to 150 dpi If designed at full size in inches.
Resolution should be set to 300 dpi If designed at half size in inches.

File Transfer:
If the file is less than 100MB, please Upload your files using our "UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN/S"  option on the product page.
If the file is larger than 100MB, please Send it to us via Google Drive Link, Dropbox Link, Link, or an FTP link.
You could also send the file to your own FTP or any file transferred website and advise us to download it.

Media Files
We accept media files via Google Drive Link, Dropbox Link, Link, or an FTP link, Email, FTP, Flash Drive, CD/ DVD, and more. Make sure to use JPEG, PDF, JPG, EPS, CDR, AI, GIF, PSD, TIF, TIFF, PPT, PNG DOC, DOCX, BMP, and pub image formats only. However, Adobe Illustrator EPS files are best suited for large format printing.

Image Size and Resolution
Make sure to provide all image files to the right size in inches. For example: if your banner is 2' H x 4' W, then set the artwork size to 24"H X 48"W. Submit all artwork of minimum 150dpi resolution for actual size artwork and 300dpi if the artwork is about half size.

Color Mode
Usually, we provide full-color printing in CMYK for all types of banners, signs, and related accessories. There is no need for color shifting in case of files submitted in RGB because we at accept RGB as well. Be it CMYK or RGB - we always strive to deliver the best results to meet your specified color requirement.

At Omegabanners, you don't have to worry about fonts because we bring the widest variety of today's most popular fonts. In the banner design tool, you can select the fonts of your choice from our large library and personalize the text for your banner as well as signs. If you are uploading your own file, we recommend outlining all fonts of your artwork properly before exporting the file for printing or supplying us with the fonts used in your artwork. This will help you avoid any delay in the final printing work.

The term bleed refers to any design elements that overlap a document's border. Full bleed printing is the process of printing your artwork on a surface that is slightly larger than the size of the finished product. The excess is then trimmed off, or "cropped," to get the finished product down to its final size. You do not need to worry about any bleeding. We will not use your artwork for banner finishing and the size of your banner will not be decreased.

Other Considerations
Please make sure you check the resolution of images downloaded from websites. Most images made for the web do not have high enough resolution for large-format printing. Make sure you check your design properly before sending it to us for final printing. We recommend giving utmost priority to spell checking.

No Bleed is needed. all the banner finishes is using extra material. just set the work size you want to output any bleed.

Artwork Submission Guidelines
Before you submit your artwork: Please submit files that are print ready and do not require editing. A printed image will not look 100% like the original, we can only get as close as possible.

The artwork should have a minimum of 150 DPI. We prefer CMYK colors.

We accept the following formats: HIGH RES JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, AI, EPS, or PSD. Please keep files under 1 GB if possible.
EPS Files: All text in Vector files should be converted to outlines or you can send us the font used to create the file if it is a special font.
PSD files: Layers should be flattened.

Please submit artwork in the actual size you want it to be printed. For example, if the image size of your stand is 33" X 78" then you would need to submit to us a 33" X 78"

Submitted artwork does not require any bleed we print right to the edge with color. However, please let us know if you would like to have a bleed printed.

Please convert all your fonts to outlines. We do not accept font files.

We have an in-house graphic designer on our team for which we charge $175 with a minimum of two and a half hours per design. If you are interested in design, call to inquire.

Revisions/ Image Editing
If you choose us to make some basic revisions to your files we charge $35/hr. We can change proportion, text, color, size, etc.

Proofs are not required. We can provide printed proof at an extra cost depending on square footage and shipping. This will add 2 days to your order.

Please check your Pantone colors before you submit the artwork. Artwork should be submitted with CMYK colors to provide the most accurate color wanted. Unless a printed proof is ordered, is not responsible for unsatisfactory color results. If the artwork is color sensitive please contact us on pricing about our color matching services.